About Woon Ho Family Care Centre

Woon Ho Family Care Centre

We are more than just a Nursing Home

Woon Ho Family Care Centre is a nursing home in Johor Bahru offer the best, most reasonable and affordable packages for elderly person who looking for a long-term residential plan and your loved ones who required nursing care services.

“Woon Ho” was inspired by the surname of our founders Mr. Woon (温) & Ms. Ho (何), which has the homophonic of mandarin word “温和 (Gentle)”. Our vision is to build a harmony, comfortable, and caring environment for all our residents– a place where you feel like ‘Home’.

 “A place where you feel like home!”

Mr. Woon & Ms. Ho,
Woon Ho Family Care Centre
About Woon Ho Family Care Centre


Our spacious outdoor living area with the big lawn garden is the perfect setting to enjoy the retirement life, and to keep physically active.

Close Monitoring

24/7 CCTV close monitoring for external and internal safety.

On Duty

24-hour on duty service by experienced nurses and caregivers’ team for basic and advance daily living care services.

Regular visits

Complimentary doctor consultation, twice a month.

Daily Fun

Stay active and energetic with our various daily activities and exercise. Included celebration on various occasions!


4 nutritious meals carefully planned and served daily.


Advanced physiotherapy and rehabilitation programme.


Ambulance and escort services upon emergency.

Our Nursing Care Facilities in Johor Bahru

Have a quick view of our nursing care facilities in JB. If you would like to visit our care centre, kindly contact us and schedule for an appointment, we will try our best to provide you the best packages for your retirement plans or nursing care services needed.

Our Team and Nursing Care Services

Our caregivers are trained in providing professional nursing care services to our residents. Find our more on elderly nursing care, stroke patient care, disability care, dementia care, respite care, palliative care, psychosocial care, our wound dressing services and more!

About our Nursing Care Team

Our team consists of various healthcare professionals with different specialties and roles. We work collaboratively to provide comprehensive care to our residents and support their families throughout their healthcare journey.

Ensure Patients receive the Best Possible Care

We assess, plan, implement, and evaluate patient care in collaboration with the patient and their families. Furthermore, we also provides emotional support to patients and their families during difficult times.